September 26, 2021

Sam Rajabi, one of the members of United for Navid campaign, obtained a gold medal at the world Jujitsu championship held in Orlando. He dedicated his medal to Navid

Media outlets, take note. Sam Rajabi, world-renowned Jujitsu champion of Iranian origin and former member of Iran’s National Jujitsu team, has made the following announcement:

“Today, as a member of #United4Navid campaign, I competed in the international world Jujitsu master tournament held in Orlando for Navid and I came the world champion. We will keep following Navid’s path. Navids will burgeoning and thriving until we finally attain our freedom. We athletes will be following his path.

As an athlete who’s got to participate in the world Jujitsu championship in Orlando, I come from a country like Iran that imprisons, tortures and executes athletes so I must talk about these subjects. I want to highlight the fact that every single one of us is like a fire ready to ignite for freedom as we have suffered immensely from dictatorship. One day, we will ignite for freedom all together.

There was a time during the competition when I had no energy to continue. But the moment the memory of Navid dawned on me, it energized me and I proceeded apace. I competed because I wanted to show this repressive regime that mercilessly kills athletes my gold medals. I’m elated for this achievement, but not for myself. I’m elated because Navid’s path for freedom continues”