August 14, 2022

Last week, in the important game between Manchester United and Tottenham, Iranian TV censored the images of this game dozens of times by interrupting it repeatedly, and instead showed completely unrelated images, due to the presence of a female assistant referee during the game.

What rest of the world saw
What Iranians saw

Yes, you guessed it, just because of the presence of an Iranian female assistant referee. Iranian authorities didn’t allow her picture to be broadcast during the game. Human rights activists have repeatedly complained to FIFA over the Islamic Republic’s discriminatory laws. Now, the Tehran government discriminates against women from other countries too.

Iranian Football Federation have in the past announced that they are committed to all international sports laws and regulations, including the FIFA Statute and the Olympic Charter. Yet, the authorities do not allow women to enter the stadiums, forbid women from attending many sporting events. Women are banned from competing in international tournaments in sports such as swimming and gymnastics. In other fields, women are forced to wear the hijab, and there’s no choice. FIFA needs to watch the video of this game and call out the Islamic Republic and urge the authorities to stop discriminating against women.

BY: Sardar Pashaee